Date of Award


Document Type

Action Research Project

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education



First Advisor

Kenneth Vos


Curriculum and Instruction


The action research study was conducted in two third grade classrooms in North Dakota. There were 23 students in one class and 20 in the other. All but one student was Caucasian, and all were middle to upper class. This study was conducted to focus on the rate of improvement of fact fluency through focused strategies. Pre-assessment data were collected in the form of surveys and baseline assessments given to students. Students were surveyed on feelings toward mathematics, addition, and fact fluency. Students were also given a baseline assessment to demonstrate prior abilities before the intervention. After pre-assessment data were gathered, students were divided into focused froups and rotated through daily mathematics stations. One class was given daily elapsed time tests and the other class was given daily times tests. At the completion of the six week intervention period, students were reassessed to determine growth since the baseline assessment. Results indicated that students did not become more fluent in addition facts; however, more time was needed to reach automaticity.