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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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R. Kevin Mackin


Curriculum and Instruction


This study was designed to examine the impacts of a blended learning classroom on student achievement by implementing the flipped classroom paired with tiered activities. Throughout the twenty-two day study, four sixth-grade mathematics classrooms were asked to view and take notes on teacher-created instructional videos outside of the classroom and complete individual chosen activities for a specific letter grade. Data sources included pre-assessments, reports of video completion and lesson checks through the use of, post-assessments, and a student survey. Results showed increases in student achievement over two chapters in daily lesson checks and quizzes. The blended learning strategy proved to be very successful on one chapter’s post-assessment, while additional support was needed for the second chapter. This study showed the importance of balance in technology and direct-instruction and its effects on student achievement in a mathematics classroom. Further implication includes investigating other differentiated activities that can be paired with the flipped classroom.

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