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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Kevin Kos




This action research study examined the effects of video production on student engagement and learning in a tenth grade English classroom. The study participants totaled 76 students in a large suburban Midwest high school. Over a period of five weeks, students worked in groups to read, analyze and make a video about a book of their choosing. The standards based project assessed their understanding of theme, characterization, and the cultural significance of their choice novel. Students worked collaboratively to answer questions about these aspects of the book and then complete storyboards and scripts for their videos. Throughout the study, the researcher collected observational data focused on student engagement and depth of learning, as well as qualitative data from four 30-minute small group discussions with six students. Students also completed a reflection at the end of the project. Analysis of the data revealed that most students enjoyed the project and demonstrated more engagement than other types of assessments like essays and individual technology-based projects. Students cited working in groups and having the opportunity to be creative as their favorite aspects of the project. Based on the results of this study, video production as a summative assessment tool deserves serious consideration for high school students.

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