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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Amy Adams




The purpose of this study was to examine what positive outcomes, if any, does parent involvement in the home have on first grade student’s fluency scores. After permission from parents was given, twelve first grade students, along with their parents, were chosen to participate in the six-week study. Throughout six-weeks, students practiced repeated readings, completed sight word activities, fluency activities, and nonsense word activities. These activities were completed at home with the assistance from parents. Students were also tested two times per week on fluency readings in the classroom. Data collected throughout the study included a parent survey, pre and post fluency assessment, weekly fluency assessments, and a parent checklist containing the at home literacy activities. Weekly fluency assessments were tracked on a words per minute (WPM) graph. At the conclusion of the study, the data showed an increase in student fluency scores among the twelve first grade students. The results from this study help support that parental involvement with literacy in the home has a positive effect on student fluency scores.

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