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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Dave Hedenstrom


Curriculum and Instruction


The objective of this study was to help second grade children increase prosody by using Reader’s Theater to improve all aspects of reading and comprehension. The research was conducted collaboratively by a second grade teacher and a Title I Reading Specialist. Four Tier II, Title I reading students struggling with reading fluency were selected as participants. Reader’s Theater was implemented within a small group setting where students reread scripts while educators modeled and coached them. Data was collected using student self assessments, observational field notes, digital recordings, and a reading performance rubric. The data revealed a significant increase in the acquisition of reading prosody. Students also became fond of Readers’ Theater and were able to recognize an increase in their own prosody. Due to the positive effects Reader’s Theater provided during this study, the researchers plan to continue implementation of this intervention.

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