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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Heather Benedict




This action research project has studied the impact of implementing strategies in a Makerspace on increasing grit in students. The study has been conducted in two fifth grade classes in a mid-western suburban elementary school. During the study, students completed four different Makerspace design challenge activities. Data was collected from Angela Duckworth’s grit survey to establish a baseline of student grit. Documentation of strategies used was collected through an inventory students completed after each design challenge. The data was used to identify changes in grit scores from students’ initial survey results to their final survey results. Student’s survey results were then compared to the total number of strategies used throughout the design challenges. The research data indicated that there was no correlation between the total number of strategies used and an increase in individual grit score. Identifying a tool, or resources to teach and foster grit in students may be increasingly important as grit has been identified as one of the most reliable factors in determining one's success and capacity for academic, professional, or personal success.

Keywords: Makerspace, Makerspaces, growth mindset, grit, maker mindset.

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