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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Amy Adams




This action research project looked at the impacts that family dynamics and family resources have on student achievement and self-advocacy. It then went a step further by showing how inquiry-based strategies can give students with little family resources the tools to self-advocate and become academically successful. A specific six-step inquiry process was taught and implemented amongst 28 rural fifth grade students. The researcher utilized observations, assessments, and compared completed student work to Minnesota Academic Standards throughout the project period. After the students learned and implemented inquiry practices, their self-advocacy and academic achievement increased showing that these practices can affect students in a positive manner. Inquiry based learning may allow students to build intrinsic value and help support core curriculum. Through the knowledge of how family dynamics affect students and the impact of inquiry strategies on student achievement, educators can successfully support a diverse set of learners. Keywords: inquiry, problem solving, academic achievement

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