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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Siri Anderson




The purpose of this research was to improve ELL and low-income students outcomes in

mathematics through the use of Accountable Talk® enhanced by consistent integration of higher-order questioning and technology to track student fidelity to the Accountable

Talk® model and competency in their evolving math skills. To evaluate the impact of the

intervention, previous year’s students’ outcomes were compared with student outcomes

following implementation of the enhanced Accountable Talk strategy in an urban fourth

grade classroom. After learning and practicing the strategy, students worked in groups to respond to higher-order questions tied to the mathematics lesson weekly. They recorded these conversations. Analysis, through the use of a rubric, determined their level of implementation. Pre and post assessments for each unit showed significant growth in mathematics relative to previous years’ outcomes. Students using the Accountable Talk® model grew more than students in previous years without the strategy. Though other factors may have contributed, it is likely Accountable Talk® influenced this growth. These results encourage the use of this strategy in mathematics perhaps, in particular, with students who may be struggling with English language fluency, academic language, and math concepts. Further research is needed to assess what effect more time and different grouping may have.

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