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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Yasemin Gunpinar




The purpose of this action research was to examine the effects of technology-based mathematics practice on student achievement in comparison to more traditional practice methods. The research took place in both a fourth-grade and a sixth-grade classroom in the same school. Technology-based practice was done using an iPad program called IXL and traditional practice was completed with paper and pencil on worksheets. Data was collected in the form of pretest and posttest scores, assignment completion rates, student behaviors, teacher reflections and student surveys. The data did not show any conclusive evidence that one practice method is better than the other. It is concluded that a combination of both practice methods may be most beneficial for student learning. After completing this research, a next possible step would be to further examine the influences on student learning based on grade level and mathematical concept when using technology and traditional practice methods.

Keywords: technology-based practice, iPad, mathematics, traditional practice

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