Date of Award


Document Type

Action Research Project

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education



First Advisor

Kenneth Vos


Curriculum and Instruction


Our investigation was on the effects of using iPads to increase basic fact automaticity. We wanted to explore what strategy worked best to increase fact fluency: flashcards and paper/pencil practice or iPad practice. The project took place in one fourth-grade classroom and one fifth-grade classroom. The fourth-grade classroom had twenty-one students. The fifth-grade classroom had twenty-two students. We collected data with pretest and posttest instruments. We also collected data through weekly observations. Students using the iPads were also monitored using the Moby Max fact fluency program. The results indicated that daily flashcard and paper/pencil practice provided a higher rate of improvement of fact fluency on a two-minute test. We concluded that although the data does not indicate a higher rate of improvement by using iPads, other factors must also be included. One important factor was that the students who showed the greatest improvement also happened to be in the fifth-grade classroom. The implication for us is that we will use a combination of iPad practice along with the flashcard and paper/pencil review to increase student mathematics fluency.