The Effectiveness of an Online Record-Keeping Program on Montessori

Angela Feathers, St. Catherine University


This action research project was conducted with the parents of children enrolled in a private, urban Montessori Primary (3-6) class. The study implemented the use of the Transparent Classroom, an online record keeping program. The purpose of the study was to determine if implementing this program would impact parent appreciation and understanding of the Montessori Method and the daily activities of the classroom. The Transparent Classroom uses instant, real-time presentation updates, photos, and long-term recordkeeping software. The study compared the response times between when the information was sent and accessed by traditional email, text messaging and logging in autonomously. Parent interactions were also measured and recorded. Questionnaire responses provided feedback on the effectiveness of the Transparent Classroom before and after the study. The results show the positive impact of the use of the Transparent Classroom as a useful communication tool. Increased communication of the children’s daily activities through Transparent Classroom online record keeping system helped to improve their level of appreciation and increased the parents’ feelings of connectedness with their children’s daily activities and the Montessori Method. The positive impact of a deeper appreciation of what children do in their classrooms each day could benefit the students, the parents, the teacher, the school, and ultimately, the community.