Date of Award


Document Type

Action Research Project

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education



First Advisor

Grace Vos


Curriculum and Instruction


The intent of the research was to determine if the use of supplementary reading activities involving cultural topics would increase reading proficiency of secondary Spanish heritage learners. Sixteen heritage learners participated in the study: nine girls and seven boys. At the time of the study, two students were in Spanish II, seven students were in Spanish III, six students were in Spanish IV and one student was in Spanish V. The four data sources for this research included the following: a student self-assessment, formative and summative assessments, a survey, and a teacher journal. These data revealed that the reading comprehension scores did increase for the heritage learners who participated in the study. The results of this research indicate that differentiation through reading is beneficial for heritage learners. In addition, the cultural connections in the readings were a key to sparking interest for participants.