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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Bobak Azavi




This action research project looked at the effect of implementing learner-generated multimodal video projects on students’ laboratory reflections in a high school chemistry class at a suburban high school. Fifty students in a 10th-11th-grade chemistry class completed digital video projects in the form of an iMovie or multimodal Google Slides presentation in place of a traditional written laboratory report. Data was collected in the form of a common rubric, unit exam scores, pre- and post-survey data, and teacher observations over the course of two units of study. The analysis of the rubric and survey data showed that the use of a multimodal digital video project improved students’ overall quality and depth of laboratory reflections compared to the traditional written report. However, the results were inconclusive on whether the implementation of the digital video project led to increased understanding, as evidenced by unit exam scores. Further analysis of survey data and teacher observations showed that each form of multimodal video project had its unique benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, further research will continue to be conducted related to the best practices for implementing various forms of multimodal projects in the classroom. Learner-generated multimodal video will continue to be utilized to provide students with more creative and reflective methods to express their knowledge and understanding of chemistry concepts and laboratory experiments.

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