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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Julie Williams




The goal of this action research project was to identify the effects of purposeful Tier II vocabulary instruction in a second grade classroom in a suburb of Minnesota. The study participants included 21 second grade students. Students took a baseline assessment to identify comprehension and vocabulary skills before the study was done. After the baseline assessment, students participated in the following interventions focusing on Tier II vocabulary words: once weekly shared reading with Tier II vocabulary words, learning and incorporating ten Tier II vocabulary words into sentences, and completing a partner performance assessment on one Tier II vocabulary word from the teacher led read aloud. The researcher also kept teacher observational notes to record notes on implementation and student engagement. At the end of the study, students took a post assessment to determine the effects of purposeful vocabulary instruction. Analysis of the data indicated the most effective intervention was the performance assessment. The Tier II vocabulary words for the performance assessment were connected to the class read aloud and therefore, allowed for students to build background knowledge and better understanding of the Tier II word in context. Further research is needed to determine how instruction based on Tier II vocabulary words found in connected curricular areas can positively affect students’ comprehension.

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