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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Megan Hall




This study was designed to examine the effects of a blended flipped model classroom with tiered instruction. Students involved in the study were students in grades 9-12, enrolled in either a high school Accounting or Computer Applications class in a private school in Fargo, North Dakota. Data sources included student surveys, summative assessments in the form of assignments and tests, and formative assessments in the form of teacher observations and a student questionnaire completed by participants at the conclusion of the study. Results show student comprehension appears to remain steady with the new method, although more study on student comprehension is encouraged. Teacher observation showed student engagement to improve from the first week of the study to the final week. Observation showed that students became engaged in the process and began working together as they became more familiar with the new method. Student responses indicated a mixture of some students liking the new method while others did not like being able to ask teachers questions during video instruction. Continued implementation of this method would include continued availability of videos as students indicated they liked the videos as an additional resource for study and review, mixed with more traditional methods of teaching for complex curriculum to provide students and teachers an opportunity for timely discussion and questions.

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