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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



First Advisor

Kristy Cook




This action research project was completed to study the impact that the online communication tool, Seesaw, had on the students, parents, and teacher relationship in an elementary setting. The setting was in two urban schools, one being in Fargo, ND and the other being in Central Minnesota. This study took place with a total of 37 children who are predominantly Caucasian. Data was collected using the following four data sources: Data Notification Tool, Pre and Post-Survey send to parents, and the 1-4 Star Ratings using the Data Folder for pictures and videos of student work. Samples of student work were uploaded each day for parents to observe, like, and comment on. The results concluded that Seesaw had a positive impact on the students, parents and teacher relationship. The action plan implications conclude this information would promote conversation between parent and child as well as letting parents know what their child was learning in school.

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