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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Yasemin Gunpinar




The purpose of this action research study was to determine the effects, if any, a flipped classroom had on homework and student achievement. The study took place in a high school mathematics classroom over a four-week timeline. Two sections of Algebra 2 were included in this study. Data sources collected from the students included the use of a pre-assessment, quiz, homework rubric, surveys, behavioral logs, and a final assessment that covered the mathematics concepts of rational exponents and radical functions. Additional qualitative data was also collected through teacher observations and teacher-student conversations. While 44% of students’ overall grades improved, the final test average was only 67%. Results were inconclusive as to whether using a flipped classroom pedagogy improved student achievement; however, students copying each other’s work to receive homework completion points was eliminated during implementation of this pedagogy for the fact that the homework was completed during class time.

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