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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Amy Schuler




The purpose of this community-based action research project was for teachers and Somali families to collaboratively improve communication between parents and teachers at a suburban school in Minnesota. The project used multiple data sources to understand how to improve communication between Somali families and teachers. A teacher survey revealed the current communication practices teachers use at this school. Data was collected for attendance and behavior referrals to see how Somali students related to other students. A Somali family focus group met to discuss communication practices at the school. This group discussed what was going well, what needed to be improved, and the families recommendations to enhance communication. After analyzing the results of the data, the researcher concluded that there is not a consistent method of communication at the school, many teachers do not feel confident in their knowledge of Somali culture, and Somali families face many obstacles in Minnesota. Recommendations from the study included having family nights every few months to inform parents about what is happening at school, educating teachers about Somali culture by visiting a mosque or Somali museum in the community, and developing a consistent communication method at the school.

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