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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education


Education, Montessori

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Amanda Perna


Montessori Elementary Education



The purpose of this study was to implement a transition-to-school program and evaluate its impact on parent involvement and teacher satisfaction. This action research study was conducted in a toddler and early childhood program at a Montessori school. This study involved teachers, administrators and parents. Prior to implementation of the transition-to-school program, a transition focus group was convened among teachers and administrators. In addition, data from previous years on parent attendance and involvement were gathered to measure any changes following implementation. The transition-to-school program was developed from feedback offered by teachers and administrators, and field research. After the transition to school program was constructed, implementation procedures were introduced to administrators, teachers and parents. Following implementation, evaluative surveys were administered to assess the impact of the program. The results of the research demonstrated that teachers, administrators and parents viewed the program favorably. The results show that the transition to school program positively impacted parent involvement and teacher satisfaction.

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