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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Jane Carroll


Curriculum and Instruction


This paper focuses on the findings of an action research project conducted in a mainstream second grade classroom. The research was dedicated to the use of the SIOP Model and how it pertains to ELLs in an elementary school in North Dakota. Data was collected for this project through oral vocabulary assessment observations, Fountas and Pinnell reading benchmarking assessments and pre and post vocabulary assessments completed by two ELLs. Data was also collected through daily journaling as self-reflection of the use of the SIOP Model completed by the teacher. The teacher conducting the research received no formal training on the SIOP Model prior or during data collection. Upon completion of the research project, data showed an increase in academic language, an increase in correct vocabulary usage, and an increase in reading levels for the ELLs. Similarly, daily journaling proved to be effective as a reflection tool with the teacher which resulted in an increase of the incorporation of the SIOP Model into daily whole-group lesson plans.

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