Date of Award


Document Type

Action Research Project

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education


Education, Montessori

First Advisor

Emily Leutgeb


Montessori Early Childhood


This action research study aims to determine the effect of control-based group games on self-controlled behavior in a Montessori primary classroom. The study took place over a period of four weeks and included 17 participants ages 35 months to 6 years. A control-based group game, such as Red Light/Green Light or This action research examined the effects of professional development on collective teacher efficacy in a primary Montessori setting. The focus group comprised four participants, three lead teachers, and a site supervisor. The methodology consisted of four one-hour professional development sessions including quantitative and qualitative data collection, initial and final surveys and interview questions, a focus group, and weekly teacher self-assessment. There were four critical findings from the intervention. First, a teacher who demonstrated past negative feelings increased self-perception/ capabilities. Second, the top response to the interview questions was to help other staff/ offer assistance. Third, the teacher’s self-assessment response improved communication during week one intervention but decreased by the end of the intervention. The last finding was improving the participants’ feelings about the program and the school. Potential future action research is recommended to provide longer interventions, more quantitative data tools, and be conducted during a non-pandemic situation.