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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Catherine Kelly


Curriculum and Instruction


The intent of this research was to determine to what extent will Kindergarten teachers’ feeling of efficacy when working with EL students increase when given: personalized support in using the SIOP model, technology opportunities for students to work on academic vocabulary in their first language, and training on how to make their lesson content more comprehensible to their EL students. The study involved two Kindergarten teachers in two suburban elementary schools. Data collection methods included two pre- and post-project surveys, three collaborative lesson planning sessions, three classroom observations, and three post-observation meetings. Neither participant felt it was beneficial to add a technology component as a means of reinforcing the content academic vocabulary in the EL student’s first language. However, both participants’ comfort level increased as a result of the collaboration and training. This study proved to be an effective method that improved participants’ feeling of efficacy when working with their EL students.

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