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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Arturo Sesma


Curriculum and Instruction


This study explored the effect of retrieval practice and metacognitive reflection on student outcomes. Participants included seventeen 11th and 12th-grade Psychology students from a rural, midwestern high school. Students utilized rehearsal practice, ungraded quizzes, and metacognitive reflection over 14 weeks of hybrid and distance learning models during the COVID-19 pandemic. Data was collected through pre and post-questionnaires, an observational journal, and assessment scores. Student outcomes were measured through participant self-reports and assessment scores. The findings showed strong student preference towards ungraded quizzes, as all post-questionnaire participants indicated they felt the strategy helped them learn what they did or did not know. Students liked that the strategy was low-pressure, reinforced the content, and helped build their confidence. Future research is needed to examine the benefits of pairing ungraded quizzes and metacognitive reflection.

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