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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Roxanne Pickle


Education, Curriculum and Instruction


This research examines two models of third grade math intervention at two different elementary schools. Intervention teachers at School A, a diverse, suburban school, take underachieving students out of the classroom for math support while at School B, a private, urban school, intervention teachers came into the classroom to instruct on grade-level students. A pretest was administered to determine participation in the intervention group. Formative assessments were used to determine student learning throughout the unit, as well as a post-test. Students were surveyed about math attitudes once at the beginning of the unit and again at the end of the unit. The results of this research show benefits of both intervention models as most student test scores in multiplication and division increased by the end of the unit. The research also demonstrated that there may be a greater need for students to improve basic facts in order to further master more complex math concepts.

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