Date of Award


Document Type

Action Research Project

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education



First Advisor

Amy Adams



This action research aimed to determine the effects of differentiation of instruction on literacy comprehension skills. Kindergarten students from a public elementary school in the Midwestern United States participated in this 6-week study. Throughout this time, many points of data were collected. Pre-and post-testing were used to measure students’ comprehension skills before and after each mini-unit, teacher reflections were used to take notes of student progress, and observations of student engagement were noted throughout each lesson. An increase in students' literacy comprehension skills was observed throughout the study, therefore, inferring that differentiation can work to impact student academics. Through this research, I have found that students' engagement in learning varies considerably based on their interests and desires. In addition, students are much more successful in comprehending information after engaging with it in multiple ways. Further research should include more extensive and more diverse classrooms. This research works to inform my practice as a teacher as I continue to find ways to integrate differentiation into neurodiverse classrooms to help all students learn to their fullest potential. Keywords: Differentiation, neurodiverse, kindergarten"