Date of Award


Document Type

Action Research Project

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education


Education, STEM

First Advisor

Megan Olivia Hall


Education, STEM


This action research study consisted of 81 secondary science students in a high school Anatomy and Physiology course in Southeast South Dakota in order to determine how blended learning affected both student satisfaction of the course, as well as the overall learning outcomes and assessment scores. The intervention took place over six weeks with students watching pre-recorded lectures at home while classroom time consisted of hands-on, collaborative activities, online simulations, and review games. Data was gathered using pre- and post-unit student surveys, as well as three summative assessment scores being compared over the last three years. Analysis of the data showed that average assessment scores improved after implementing the blended learning model; however, overall student satisfaction with the course decreased while using this method. Blended learning is just one of many various learning methodologies. Future studies could: explore this method as compared to another; better define the context of blended learning incorporation into a course, or repeat this same study with a larger number of students.

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Action Research Presentation