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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Teresa Ripple


Curriculum and Instruction


The goal of this research was to inform and educate parents on the positive effects of preschool. This study was conducted with nine kindergarten students and their parents in a public elementary school. The data collected involved parent surveys, kindergarten checklists, kindergarten behavior logs, and meeting notes from parent conferences. The results were taken from the same nine kindergarten students whose parents returned the parental letter giving permission to be part of this study. The results showed students who had attended preschool had more positive behavior marks, mastered more skills on the kindergarten checklist, and were more socially advanced than those who did not attend preschool. Results from the parent surveys and conferencing showed that parents were open to hearing the pros and cons of preschool attendance, and eight of the nine parents said they would send their children to preschool after hearing the data.

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