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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Catherine M. Kelly


Curriculum and Instruction


The intent of our study was to determine the effect of using daily silent reading, with teacher/student conferencing, on our student’s enjoyment and motivation for reading. The research study took place at a public elementary school, in second and fifth grade classrooms with 18 and 19 students. The sources of data included a Star Literacy Test, Reading Interest Questionnaire, Teacher/Student Conferencing Log, and Teacher Observation Checklist. The data revealed an increase in the majority of students’ reading levels, and in our student’s enjoyment of reading. The teacher observations also showed a significant decrease in student off –task behaviors during silent reading time. Therefore, we think silent reading with teacher/student conferencing shows lasting benefits in students’ reading abilities and motivation for reading. Due to the purposeful inclusion of silent reading with conferencing, our Action Research Plan demonstrates student growth with silent reading in the elementary classroom

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