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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Amy Adams


Curriculum and Instruction


The intent of this research was to see what effect adding sight words and rhythm
walks to small group reading activities would have on student’s oral reading fluency in accuracy, automaticity, and prosody at a kindergarten level. My research included 26 kindergarteners, 16 girls, and 10 boys. All students were tested in oral language, reading text level, words per minute, and sight word recognition. Over a six-week period I added into my daily reading center jobs rhythm walks, sight word flash cards, large group fluency lessons, and small focus groups. I monitored students with conference slips, daily journaling, and weekly sight word assessments. After 30 days students were retested and the majority of the students had positive gains. Overall the research was a success, tasks
were easily integrated into reading jobs that fit each student’s ability level, and children enjoyed the new additions. I will continue to use the tasks in following years, as well as adding in comprehension and vocabulary to increase students reading.

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