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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Carol Knicker


Curriculum and Instruction


This action research paper focuses on educating children in their least restrictive
environment. This study was conducted in an elementary school in St. Paul where the
district is pushing towards full inclusion. The data specifically looks at two fifth grade
students, both with Emotional Behavioral Disorders. Data sources included a parent
questionnaire, pre and post student questionnaire, teacher journal and observations, an
excel spreadsheet behavior checklist, and a check-in log for the school’s behavior room.
Results showed that both students were able to increase their amount of time spent in the general education classroom setting. Data also supported that both students, and their respective parent, wanted them to have increased inclusion time. The results indicate that increased inclusion for EBD students is possible and should be carried out so that each child is being taught in their least restrictive environment. Further research may indicate more or less inclusion time based on longer duration of study and more students participating.

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