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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Mary Hedenstrom


Secondary Education


Research has revealed that teachers lack the training and confidence needed to effectively integrate our world’s rapidly changing technology into the classroom. Workshops have been given in an attempt to address this issue, but their effectiveness has not been assessed. To measure the effect of technology workshops in teacher training, 11 teacher candidates from Saint Catherine University were asked to attend and participate in two 40 minute technology workshops where they were instructed in the use of Promethean Interactive Whiteboard, Activinspire software, and Activexpression clickers. A pre- and post-survey were administered in order to determine the effect of the workshops on the teacher candidates’ attitudes toward and confidence in the use of technology. Results of this study indicate that technology workshops are somewhat effective, but other options need to be explored. Further investigation into training teachers via a specifically designed course on technology is advised.

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