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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Jane Carroll McNinch


Secondary Education


In my study, I explored the question: what impact will a flipped lesson have on secondary Language Arts students’ ability to write a cohesive research essay? Research shows that a flip classroom approach to instruction can be an effective strategy when teaching procedural skills in a content area (Bergmann & Sams, 2012; Fulton, 2012). The data sources include student surveys, student rough draft writing sample, student reflection response, student final draft writing sample. It is difficult to conclude if the flipped lesson made a substantial impact on the students’ ability to construct a coherent research essay due to lack of involvement in the student reflection responses that followed the Flipped Lesson. There are implications that Flipped Lessons can serve as an effective differentiation strategy for English Learners (EL) and struggling students. There are implications that flipped lessons can be used to inform differentiation for EL students and increase metacognition for all students alike.

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