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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Catherine Kelly




Fluency is an essential component in learning to read. This research focused on exploring the impact of personalized authentic reading experiences on oral reading fluency and reading attitudes. Participants were six first-grade students enrolled in an urban public elementary school that were assessed as reading at a lower level than the majority of their classmates. Pre- and post-intervention data collection included measures of fluency (accuracy, automaticity, and prosody), comprehension, and reading attitudes. The four week intervention involved three 20-30 minute group meetings per week where students received and read personalized Pixar movie postcards. Results showed student increases in all dimensions of fluency, suggesting that the inclusion of personalized authentic reading experiences in reading instruction may benefit students’ reading fluency. While surveys of reading attitudes were somewhat inconclusive, observations suggest that the specific features of this intervention may have positive applications for a variety of reading interventions.

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