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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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David Hedenstrom


Curriculum and Instruction


The purpose of this action research was to determine if female participation would increase in a single-gendered versus a co-educational (co-ed) setting during seventh and eighth grade physical education. The action research project was completed in the Barnum Secondary School with 70 seventh and eighth grade females during competitive contact activities. All 70 females were given a participation questionnaire and 40 random females were observed during four weeks of activity. Data was collected using a participation questionnaire, a participation tally sheet, a video observation checklist, and a participation rubric. The results showed female participation increased in the single-gendered setting in competitive contact activities. Competitive contact activities should be offered in a single-gendered setting to allow females in seventh and eighth grade the opportunity to enhance their participation in a physical education setting. We will continue to monitor both co-ed and single-gendered activities to gauge participation outcomes.

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