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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Sarah Porisch


Curriculum and Instruction


This study was designed to examine the effects of the flipped classroom model. Our study was conducted in Physical Education, Mathematics, and Science classrooms in the Bismarck Public Schools district. The participants were in both the middle and high school levels within the same school district. Data collection methods included a pre-assessment survey, written assignments, a student behavior checklist, and a post-assessment survey. The results of our study showed that students enjoyed learning with the flipped classroom method, completion rates were higher than previously observed, and students were successful at mastering classroom content. According to our student survey, the main benefits to the flipped classroom, were the ability to view lessons without distractions and to view them multiple times. We will continue to look into the benefits of the flipped classroom through the analysis of standardized test scores and classroom assessments.

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