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Date of Award


Degree Type

Action Research Project

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies and Communication Equity


ASL & Interpreting

First Advisor

Erica Alley

Second Advisor

Terra Edwards




Through an electronic survey and individual ethnographic interviews, this sociological study examines trends between qualified interpreters in Michigan who do and do not work with DeafBlind people. In addition, DeafBlind Michiganders were interviewed in order to provide crucial insight into the current status of interpreting service provision. Results cover demographic trends, motivations and barriers of interpreters, gaps in skills/knowledge, the supply and demand of interpreters, as well as physical and mental demands of the work. The impact of the unique Michigan regulatory condition, known as the DeafBlind endorsement, is discussed as a potential barrier. Findings can then be used in policy making, training development, and recruitment of interpreters to work with DeafBlind people.


If alternative formats of any documents are needed, please contact the author at mitchinterpreting@gmail.com.

2020_MAISCE_HolalyM_Paper.pdf (5902 kB)
Action research project paper

2020_MAISCE_HolalyM_thesis_MSWord.doc (6631 kB)
Action research project paper - MSWord format

2020_MAISCE_HolalyM_presentation_slides.pdf (2640 kB)
Research presentation - slides

2020_MAISCE_HolalyM_presentation_transcript.pdf (165 kB)
Research presentation - transcript, PDF format

2020_MAISCE_HolalyM_presentation_transcript_MSWord.doc (56 kB)
Research presentation - transcript, MSWord format