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Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies and Communication Equity


ASL & Interpreting

First Advisor

Erica Alley

Second Advisor

Marty Taylor

Third Advisor

Barbara Garrett




With the increasing number of deaf or hard of hearing students being educated in their home district since the passage of PL 94-142, the state of Missouri has established several policies regarding the qualifications of interpreters working in the K-12 setting. Missouri has also had a few initiatives to provide training to interpreters working in the educational setting. Since the 1990’s, there has been little research into the interpreters’ experiences in Missouri and the challenges they face. The results of this research can provide stakeholders with data that may be used to influence future program and policy decisions. The data provides information on the approximate number of interpreters working in the K-12 setting in Missouri, what certification and educational backgrounds they possess, and what education/training they are interested in pursuing and how they would like to receive it.

2020_MAISCE_BeltP_Paper.pdf (594 kB)
Thesis paper