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Date of Award


Degree Type

Action Research Project

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies and Communication Equity


ASL & Interpreting

First Advisor

Octavian E. Robinson

Second Advisor

Eileen Forestal

Third Advisor

Amy L. Parsons




With a deaf-centric lens, this study explores the formative lived experiences of Deaf interpreters and how those experiences impact their ethical decision-making process. I collected data from participants through a nationwide survey, conducted semi-structured interviews, and studied my journal entries reflecting on my work. Critical auto ethnographical frameworks were used to interpret the data and identify themes. By analyzing Deaf interpreters’ frameworks guided by ethical theories and lived experiences, ethical decision-making is highlighted within their work. Acknowledging there are gaps within interpreter education programs and lack of mentorship, stakeholders can move forward in making critical shifts in interpreter pedagogy. By ensuring deaf-centric and cultural-centric interpreter education, we can make way for systemic changes within the profession as an attempt to achieve communication equity.

2020_MAISCE_HimmelmannS_Paper.pdf (1069 kB)
Action research project paper