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Date of Award


Degree Type

Action Research Project

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies and Communication Equity


ASL & Interpreting

First Advisor

Erica Alley




Outdoors interpreting is an often-overlooked specialty of the interpreting field. The conservation corps has been around in the United States since the 1930s and has become more inclusive since its conception as a federal work program. Currently, eight conservation corps have advertised inclusive programs for Deaf and Hard of Hearing youth and adults. These programs typically provide American Sign Language/English interpreters to stay and work alongside the crew on various conservation projects. Interpreters in this setting typically have multiple roles including Crew Leader and Crew Member in addition to interpreting responsibilities when needed. Due to the dynamic nature of the dual role interpreter, this research sought to further explore the complexities of conservation corps interpreters. To do so, an action research method was used as well as qualitative data collection and analysis to explore what a conservation corps interpreter’s roles and responsibilities include. After collecting information from surveys and interviews, patterns emerged regarding boundaries, trust, accountability, and the need for structural support for interpreters. This information will be helpful for conservation corps to better understand what dual role employees are managing in the field, and for interpreters in the conservation corps to better understand their work.

2021_MAISCE_PhelanAD_Paper.pdf (678 kB)
Action research project paper