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Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership


Organizational Leadership

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Martha E. Hardesty


Organizational Leadership


In many organizations two managerial disciplines who are co-leading a common organizational initiative: hierarchical management and project management. This thesis studied the impacts of dual management of a single initiative. It was found that this convergence of management disciplines is happening while there is dramatic growth of project management as a profession and in an environment where hierarchical management is being constantly restructured. Many organizational ecosystem variables, including globalization and technological advances, further exacerbate the already challenging collaboration required to co-lead a single organizational initiative. There is large body of existing tools and knowledge to facilitate successful outcomes for organizational initiatives. However, the language used by the survey respondents and interviewees in this research depicted more personal experiences with the challenges rather than the synergies of leading projects. This led to asking the question: “What is missing?” The finding of this thesis is that what is needed is to focus on the “in-between.” The “in-between” is in the midst of the constancy of purpose and practice and the innovation and flexibility needed to drive sustainable change. The ensuing synergies and tensions coming from the “in-between”, if leveraged effectively were found to create energy and the momentum to help drive organizational initiatives. It is the conclusion of this research that what is required to successfully co-lead organizational initiatives is Mindful Leadership of the “In-between.”