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Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership


Organizational Leadership

First Advisor

Jeanne Bailey

Second Advisor

Sharon Radd


Organizational Leadership, Strategic Management


The number of women in senior leadership positions compared to men in the same roles is significantly lower despite efforts in recent decades to reach equal status (Travis et al., 2013). Career development activities such as mentoring programs are helpful for employees trying to advance their career; however, sponsorship is a more effective method for women to be promoted (Travis et al., 2013). This thesis examines how financial institutions can incorporate sponsorship activities during times of crisis. This research focuses on the COVID-19 as crisis moving many employees into a virtual environment for day-to-day work and career development activities. I interviewed six individuals who actively participate in career development programs within their organization to gain better understanding of their experiences. I identified several recommended best practices for organizations to follow during times of crisis such as COVID-19 and virtual working environments to best incorporate sponsorship into their institutions.