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Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership


Organizational Leadership

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Martha Hardesty


Organizational Leadership


The purpose of this research was to increase the effectiveness of technical employee onboarding by understanding the role learning style training could play in onboarding. The research included a review of available literature on adult learning styles, including a specific review of the adult learning styles of technical students, as well as a survey and face-to-face interviews with training and development (T&D) personnel. Both the web survey and interview results showed that despite interest and recognition of the role of learning styles in education, the training community is for a variety of reasons not ready to update onboarding curricula with learning style information. In fact, provision of onboarding support to new employees is still new enough that barely half the survey respondents reported onboarding activity beyond orientation training. The use of learning styles to improve onboarding and other training is regarded as important but not yet on the radar for implementation.