Submissions from 2020

Pairing Mastery-based Testing and Active Based Learning to Improve Student Performance and Persistance in the Calculus Sequence, Jessie Lenarz

Extended Symmetric Spaces and θ-twisted Involution Graphs, Jessie Lenarz, Kristine Pelatt, J B. Collins, Ruth Haas, Aloysius G. Helmink, Silvia Saccon, and Matthew Welz

Submissions from 2018

Combating test anxiety in under-represented groups., Jessie Lenarz

Oral presentations as assessment in abstract algebra., Jessie Lenarz

Predicting NFL football games based on simulation and modeling., Joe Roith and R. Magel

Submissions from 2016

Using Graphs to Examine Benzene-like Structures, Jessie Lenarz

Twisted Conjugation, Extended Symmetric Spaces, and Posets, Jessie Lenarz, Kristine Pelatt, and Matthew Welz