Library & Information Science Faculty Scholarship

Library & Information Science Faculty Scholarship



Submissions from 2020

Definitions of Fake News in Library Guidelines: A Pilot Study, Sook Lim

Submissions from 2019

Asian American Children’s Literature, Sarah Park Dahlen


Meetings: A Framework to Improve Effectiveness and Employee Satisfaction, Anthony Molaro

Diversity in Children's Books 2018, Sarah Park Dahlen and David Huyck

Submissions from 2018

Asian American youth literature., Sarah Park Dahlen

Asian Pacific American youth literature., Sarah Park Dahlen

Being Asian in the wizarding world: Cho Chang, Harry Potter, and me., Sarah Park Dahlen

Diversity activism in youth literature., Sarah Park Dahlen

Diversity in youth literature: What are we celebrating?, Sarah Park Dahlen

It is part of our adoption life journey: Birth searching and transnationally adopted Koreans in young adult fiction., Sarah Park Dahlen

The most celebrated cohort? Asian American children's literature., Sarah Park Dahlen

Writing for children., Sarah Park Dahlen

Asian American teen fiction: An urban public library analysis., Sarah Park Dahlen, A. Backman, and C. Sundt

Big ideas session: A is for advocacy., Sarah Park Dahlen, E. Campbell, P. E. Enciso, and J. C. Naidoo

Making space for diverse children's books., Sarah Park Dahlen and S. Gibney

WNDB presents: To niche or not to niche: Shelving diverse books in your collection., Sarah Park Dahlen, A. Jones, T. Ogawa, and A. Reyes

The Caldecott award books: What makes a picture book distinguished?, Heidi Hammond and G. Nordstrom

Under the radar: The "other" youth book awards worth reading., Heidi Hammond, G. Nordstrom, and H. Palmer

Semiotics based discursive communities in online book review., Kyunghye Yoon and A. Bezedicek

Applying inclusive principles in web design to enhance accessibility for disabled users., Kyunghye Yoon, R. Dols, and L. Hulscher

Submissions from 2007


Genealogists as a ‘Community of Records, Deborah A. Torres and Elizabeth Yakel

Submissions from 2003


AI: Archival Intelligence and User Expertise, Deborah A. Torres and Elizabeth Yakel

Submissions from 2000

Browse and Search Patterns in a Digital Image Database, Deborah A. Torres, C. Olivia Frost, Bradley Taylor, Anna Noakes, Stephen Markel, and Karen M. Drabenstott

Submissions from 1995

Guide to Theater Resources on the Internet, Deborah A. Torres and Martha Vander Kolk