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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

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Jeong-Kyun Choi


Social Work


The purpose of this research study is to explore whether the participating mothers were able to identify if an increase in their child’s behavior has a connection with their depressive symptoms. Using a quantitative design, thirty two mothers were surveyed on their depressive symptoms in the previous two weeks as well as their child’s behavior problems exhibited in the previous two weeks. All of the mothers surveyed have children who attend a therapeutic day program for school-aged children with a mental health diagnosis. Data was analyzed using frequency, correlations, T-tests and one-way ANOVA. The findings indicated that mothers who felt increased depressive symptoms were likely to have children with increased behavior problems. Also significant in the data is that mothers in this study who had suicidal thoughts had children who are also likely to have recurring thoughts of death or suicide. These findings highlight the need for increased programs to support families, mothers with depression, and increased access to mental health resources.

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Social Work Commons