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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

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Social Work


Previous research indicates that female and male adolescents have many differences and similarities in contributing factors to and treatment of eating disorders. The goal of this study was to further explore treatment differences between male and female adolescents with eating disorders. Other objectives in this study explored the contributing factors to eating disorders, treatment success rates among respondents, and treatment modalities used by respondents. The present study explored the following research question: What are the similarities and differences between genders in treating adolescents with eating disorders? This is an exploratory design with a quantitative research design. The findings of this study appear to be consistent with past literature. A combination of factors was listed as contributing the most to eating disorders in adolescents. Respondents indicated that treatment modalities for both genders are very similar as well as contributing factors to eating disorders. The treatment modalities indicated as most successful with adolescents with eating disorders were cognitive behavioral therapy and a multidisciplinary approach. Treatment approaches used by respondents were indicated as very successful with both male and female adolescents. Further research is needed to explore the racial differences within eating disorders as well as more research on males with eating disorders.

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