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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

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Colin F. Hollidge


Social Work


Social work agencies can play a vital role in reducing burnout of Social Workers today. Determining what agencies could do to lighten the emotional load on its workers is an important topic for Social Workers as well as the clients they serve. This quantitative study surveyed 48 licensed social workers to examine which aspects of an agency’s culture contribute to its workers’ experience of burnout. Results indicate that the majority of the respondents, 52% (25) indicated that they have already experienced burnout in some form while working at their current agencies. Respondents also felt that the single most important factor in reducing burnout in social workers involved the support they received from their agencies regarding their work/life balance. This study indicated some clear steps that need to be taken by social work agencies. Creating a work environment where conversation and support between coworkers is encouraged and recommended, understanding the significance of workers taking time for their home lives and diversifying workloads can enhance the work experience for social workers and improve the quality of services clients receive. It is clear after analyzing the findings of this study that more research should be conducted on a larger scale to maintain the strongest social workers in the profession.

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