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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

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Mike Chovanec


Social Work


The purpose of this project was to explore how or if social workers promote hope and resiliency in individuals’ with Parkinson’s disease. Using a qualitative design, eight licensed social workers throughout the United States, with between two to thirty years of experience working with individuals suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The participants reflected on their experiences and observations of hope and resiliency in individuals with Parkinson’s disease. The researcher analyzed data by looking for themes and commonalties between the participant responses during the interviews. The interviews were transcribed and linked to previous related literature. The findings indicated that all of the participants did discuss hope and resilience with their clients. However, the participants address hope and resilience in variety of ways. The participants discussed how positivity, education, depression, and unrealistic hope could influence individuals, families and the community. The findings of the study demonstrated a need for future research in promoting hope and resilience in other chronic conditions

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Social Work Commons