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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

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Rajean P. Moone


Social Work


This paper explores hospice social workers experiences with regards to compassion satisfaction and their work. Existing research on the topic of compassion satisfaction recognizes that it could be the mitigating factor in preventing compassion fatigue, or even worse burnout among individuals with highly stressful professions. The proposed factors that help increase compassion satisfaction are utilizing self-care methods, education, training material, supervision, and organizational support (Alkema, Linton & Davies, 2008; Adams, Boscarino & Figley, 2006; Harr 2013; & Slocum et al., 2013; Conrad & Kellar-Guenther, 2006). The sample of this study, which included eight hospice social workers, participated in a thirty to forty-five minute semi-structured interview. Data was analyzed using grounded theory for theme development. The findings indicate the personal and professional aspects influencing professionals’ satisfaction with their work. Findings also suggest expanding the research to other aspects of social work and the possibility of implementing the results for greater amounts of satisfaction.

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