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Clinical research paper

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Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Social Work

First Advisor

Catherine Marrs Fuchsel


Social Work


Many individuals who experience chronic homelessness with complex medical and mental health issues use the Emergency Room often. A new program called the Hospital to Home Program (HHP) has been created for people who have at least one chronic health condition, have been to the emergency room five or more times in the previous year, and have a history of chronic homelessness. This qualitative research project sought to explore the participant’s experiences of the HHP as there has been no qualitative research done with the program currently. Seven participants were asked open-ended questions to elicit responses about their quality of life being in the program, about their housing, and what Guild Incorporated has helped with. The findings indicate that the participants were all housed, they felt their overall quality of life was better, and they reported some of the barriers they previously faced and are currently facing. It was found that participants of the HHP enjoy being in the program and feel they have benefited greatly from the services.

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Social Work Commons